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if you are a recent customer, please take some time to drop a note in the feedback page.
if you are an interested customer, please read over the simple guidelines before making a purchase.
if you are a current customer, please check your status here.
interested in leaving a comment? visit the comment box.
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all images/arts/crafts are produced by myself, unless stated. please do not take the images for personal use.
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after two months without updating, I am finally putting up some things to sell. for now, it's just some used items that are looking for new owners! check out the clothing section


doing a whole new renovation for this website to make it look more presentable. aiming to launch some new items soon too! get the quickest updates by friending me or dropping a note in the
comment box with your email. I will start a mailing list with it soon.

★clothing 服 ★

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★ others 雑貨 ★

To be updated.

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★Earrings ピアス★

To be updated later.

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★bag charms かばんアクセ ★

To be updated soon.

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Feedback/Pending Transactions

38+ feedback so far...and a couple who didn't leave me any comments :(
11+ on soompi.com

So here's where you can leave comments about my sales. Good or Bad, as long as you can state your opinion, I'm happy to criticism. PLEASE include what you bought from me too in your comment. Thanks!
Once you leave feedback, I will delete your transaction information from the status page.

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Here you will find out all information about your transaction from received payment/shipping date/tracking numbers (if available) etc. 
I will not email anybody about their status changes so please check here for yourself.

No transactions currently.

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Comment Box

Here is where you can ask specific questions about the products. The comments are screened so please make sure you turn on your LJ response emails function if you want your comments to remain screened. Otherwise, please leave an email for me to contact you privately.

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Transaction Information

Make sure you read all rules before you purchase from me. I will ignore any circumstances where you have not read the rules carefully. If you are unsure about buying or have insufficient funds, do not fill out the forms.


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